This week the children in Nursery have been learning about birthday celebrations through the Mr Men story book ‘Mr Birthday.’ They began the week by helping Little Miss Helpful think about what is needed at a birthday party. The children then, during discovery time, worked hard to create and make some of the things that was needed at a birthday party.

Some children made birthday biscuits. The children counted their birthday biscuits with one to one correspondence and they also matched the number of biscuits they had made to the corresponding Numicon piece.

Some children had lots of fun in the messy tray making cupcakes! The children also used their think writing to make a list of the ingredients that went into their cupcakes.

Some children matched candles to numbered birthday cakes.

Some children looked through the Argos catalogues and chose the four presents that they would like to receive on their next birthday. Once selected the children had to cut out the chosen presents using scissors correctly and glue the presents onto their wish lists.

The children’s favourite activity this week was making presents out of the construction and writing a label for their present. The children made a wide variety of presents and they loved attaching a label using the hole punch, wool and masking tape!

The children will be continuing to learn about birthday celebrations next week.

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