Mr Happy’s Birthday

This week the children have planned Mr Happy’s birthday party. They began the week by making Mr Happy a special sponge birthday cake with butter cream.

The children also made sponge fairy cakes.

Some children also made play dough birthday cakes and they added and counted the candles, matching the total number of candles to the Numicon piece or the numeral. Other children made play dough candles to match numbered birthday cakes.

Lots of children wanted to give Mr Happy a present so the children made presents using the mobilo construction and then they wrapped up the presents with newspaper. The children were definitely stickosaurus’ and triceratops during this activity. It took a lot of perseverance to wrap the presents up properly.

Another activity which required a lot of perseverance and determination was making their own party bags. All the children had to make a party bag if they wanted to take home a piece of Mr Happy’s birthday cake! The children found using the stapler independently very tricky but they didn’t give up. They were definitely stickosaurus’.

On Friday it was Mr Happy’s birthday. The children all came to Nursery in their party clothes. They also wore the party hats that they made in discovery time!

At Mr Happy’s birthday there was lots of dancing and party games such as musical bumps and musical statues.

The children also helped Mr Happy open his presents!

Everybody in Nursery really enjoyed eating the party food.

Salaf won pass the parcel!

At the end of the party the children sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr Happy and they watched him blow out his candles. The children ate the fairy cakes and took a piece of his birthday cake home with them in their party bags. It was a great birthday party. Lots of fun was had by everyone!

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