Road Safety

Yesterday the children met a crossing patrol officer called Tony. Tony explained to us how to safely cross the road. We practised crossing the road with Tony’s help, taking it in turns to be the pedestrians and the vehicles. We had lots of fun learning how to keep ourselves safe.

Last week the children played with the crossing patrol equipment in our outdoor area. The children were very good at riding their bikes, stopping at the zebra crossing and allowing their friends to cross the road safely. The children also had lots of fun learning to cross the road using our pedestrian lights. They loved pressing the button and making the beeping noise of the green flashing man.

The children also had lots of fun indoors. Some children made playdough roads and some children made their own road systems. The children demonstrated their road safety knowledge as they played.

Some children painted fantastic traffic lights.

And some children made wonderful vehicles at the workshop table. They selected their own resources and worked imaginatively and creatively. Well done Owls.

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