After learning about the different things Fire fighters do to keep us safe last week, the children decided they would like to learn about what police officers do this week. We started off by asking the children what they already knew. There were lots of ideas such as catching baddies and putting them in jail! Chasing naughty people! Children knew they wear hats, a uniform and have handcuffs, drive a police car and help to keep us safe.
We had the story ‘Topsy and Tim meet a Policeman’

We looked at a PowerPoint that told us how the police help their community.

We also watched a video about a police officer finding a little girl who was lost.

During discovery time children took part in a variety of police themed activities.

On the creation station children were making police cars out of boxes. They used different bottle tops for the flashing lights and wheels. Most of the children worked independently.

Children were encouraged to paint a police car or something else related to the police. Most children chose to paint a police car. Some children painted a police man and some children wanted to paint a police dog!

At the mark making table children made wanted posters and took finger prints of themselves.

On the light table children were encouraged to use a paint brush to trace the lines.

Children rolled out the dough into sausage shapes to make a police officer’s truncheon at the play dough table. The children also chose to be independently creative and make police cars and police officers too.

In the number area children were encouraged to match the numbered police car with the same numbered police badge and then count out the correct amount of counters.

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