Winter continues…

During our language for thinking sessions this week we have continued thinking about winter. Our focus being snow and snowflakes. There were various themed activities out during discovery time.

At the maths station children were matching the numbered snowflakes to the numbered winter scenes and counting out the correct amount of cubes.

At the tuft spot, funky fingers and light table children used loose parts to create their own snowflakes.

Ms Andrews made some snow dough for the playdough table. It was silky soft but became very crumbly. The children did manage to imprint snowflakes into before it had to be thrown away.

In the water tray there were ice cubes and some pieces of floating glaciers (polystyrene). The children had fun trying to balance the cubes on the glaciers.

In the small world there was a snowy scene set up. Children were encouraged to use the little play people to make snowmen, have a snowball fight and even make an igloo using sugar cubes.

On the creation station we continued with our cold colour theme and created triangular shaped cold colour collages. These will be going on display so don’t forget to have a look.

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