At the Dentist

This week we have been learning about the job the Dentist does and how we can keep our teeth healthy so we don’t get cavities or toothache. In our language for thinking sessions we started off by brainstorming what the children already knew about the Dentist.

We watched a short video about a little boy called Bruce and his trip to the Dentist and listen to the story about Topsy and Tim going to the Dentist.

During discovery time there were different teeth related activities out for the children to do.

On the Creation Station children were making teeth and a tooth brush.

On the Art table children were using toothbrushes to pain with on a tooth.

On the play dough table children were making teeth to match a numicon number and putting them in the tooth fairies bag.

At the Funky Fingers table children were encouraged to floss the teeth and use the tweezers to remove the teeth as they counted them.

At the Light table and Mark Making table there were patterns on teeth for the children to copy using a toothbrush. They were also encouraged to draw their own patterns on a tooth and make patterns in the toothpaste tray!

In the tuft spot children were cleaning teeth.

In the maths area children were matching coloured toothbrushes to the correct coloured word on a tooth and counting out teeth into the tooth fairies bag to match a numbered numicon piece.

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