Videos: On the Farm

Hello from Miss Andrews!

I hope you are all keeping well and behaving for your parents.

I loved getting the responses to me email I sent you over the holidays. Please keep it up, I really do enjoy seeing what you have been up to. I miss you all and this is a great way of staying in touch.

Here is this week’s activities for you. The blue activities are hyperlinked to the internet and the red activities can be found below. I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to take pictures or videos of yourselves doing the activities and upload them to ‘Evidence Me’for the learning journals, or email them to me. Thank you.

This week’s activities – click here.

Love Ms Andrews xx

Monday’s Language for thinking


Activities to do
Farm Animal Photos
On the Farm Eye Spy
Hen Cutting

Tuesday’s Language for Thinking


Wednesday’s Language for thinking


Activities to do
Little Red Hen Story
Little Red Hen Bread Rolls

Thursday’s Language for Thinking


Fridays Language for Thinking


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