Videos: What grows on the farm

It was lovely to chat with lots of you last week. I’m glad you are all keeping safe and well. You have all been very busy doing a variety of things which is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for all the videos and photos you have sent me and uploaded to evidence me too. I love seeing what you have been up to.

This week on the farm we are learning about what grows.

Here is this week’s activities for you. The blue activities are hyperlinked to the internet and the red activities can be found below.

I hope you enjoy them. Please don’t feel you have to do everything. There’s a selection so pick and choos e what you do or adapt the activities to suit yourselves. I try and give a variety.

Don’t forget to take pictures or videos of yourselves doing the activities you have chosen and upload them to ‘evidence me’ for the learning journals, or email them to me if you’re having trouble with evidence me. I can’t wait to see them.

Thank you.

Love Ms Andrews

Download this week’s plan

Jack and the beanstalk pencil control
Fee fi fo fum Eye spy poster

Monday’s Language for thinking

Tuesday’s Language for thinking

life cycle of a bean

Wednesday’s Language for thinking

Jack & Beanstalk 2D shape search
Jack and the beanstalk bean counting

Thursday’s Language for thinking

magic beans pattern making
Bean count and colour
Fee fi fo fum Eye spy poster
Jack & Beanstalk 2D shape search

Friday’s Language for thinking

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