Videos: Slugs

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all ok. It was a very hot week last week. Hope you managed to stay cool and safe.

This week we are learning about slugs as part of our ‘Little Creatures and Mini Beasts’ theme.

The blue activities are hyperlinked to the internet and the red activities can be found below. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m sorry to have missed some of you when I telephoned. I emailed some of you too and would like to thank those of you that have responded. If I haven’t managed to speak to you I will keep trying.

Thank you for the photos and videos that have been uploaded to evidence me. It’s great to see all the wonderful things the children have been up to.

Love Ms Andrews xx

Here are this week’s activities for you.
Wk bg 29.06.2020 summer 2

Monday’s Language for thinking

All About Slugs and Snails EYFS Information
Slug fact cards

Tuesday’s Language for thinking

Slug mark making
Slug Maze
Slug picture

Wednesday’s Language for thinking

Slug prepositions

Thursday’s Language for thinking

Friday’s Language for thinking

How many slugs puzzle
Slug counting
Matching slug numbers to donuts
Slug dot todot

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